Learn how to MELT!  

Private MELT Method evaluation and personalized instruction:                                  Combined MELT Method instruction & Shiatsu Massage:

1 hour: $80                                                                                                                             90 minutes combined with Shiatsu massage: $115

4 session package (1 hour each): $255                                                                                120 minutes combined with Shiatsu massage: $150


Private MELT Method sessions teach you self treatment techniques you can use on your own. MELT techniques are taught and practiced during your session that provide immediate relief. We will then develop personalized MELT “maps” or techniques you can practice at home to eliminate chronic pain and tension, recover from injury, increase range of motion, reduce inflammation and increase balance and stability. A series of MELT sessions will provide you with the knowledge to address your body's needs and give yourself a full body treatment whenever you need one and decrease stuck stress before it accumulates. Over time you can transform how your body looks and feels!

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MELT foam rollers and hand and foot kits are available for sale.  Contact me to purchase or click here to buy directly from the MELT Method website.

The MELT Method® (MELT) is a self-treatment technique that helps people get out and stay out of chronic pain in just ten minutes a day. When pain becomes chronic, the body's natural state of stability and balance declines. When a body isn't stable, it can't be efficiently mobile. By learning how to MELT, you can learn to actively partake in decreasing stuck stress daily so it doesn't accumulate and cause symptoms that sap your vitality and energy. With MELT, you can learn to assess your body's stability system before your body produces pain signals to alert you something is wrong. MELT was developed by manual therapist Sue Hitzmann as homework for her clients to empower them to actively partake in their healing regimen. This saved her clients time and money and became the inspiration that brought MELT to the masses. This unique method Sue calls Hands-off Bodywork™empowers people to help themselves restore whole-body efficiency and lead healthier, more active lives. 

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